((Hey there everyone!))

((Mod1 here just checkin in. We all first off want to apologize for being as inactive as we have been. I was busy with summer school, 2 is in europe without her computer, and 3 was busy with work!))

((With school coming up, it’s going to be hard to update this as much as before, but fear not! Along with our undying love for this group, our good friend, Crow, came up to me and offered to help us out.))

((I know we just had a mod switcheroo, but you have to understand, managing 721 pokemon and having to shuffle through 100+ questions would be difficult on really anyone! It’s taking them a bit to get fully situated into the flow of things, but they’re jam packed full of great ideas and excited to work alongside us!))

((I hope you guys enjoy our work to come, and another huge apology for being as inactive as we have been. The ask box will reopen eventually, but we still have to chip away at our inbox a little more. Thank you guys for sticking with us and being such great fans that you are!))

((Much love, the mods!))

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((sparring and kissing regularly))

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((my love my life))

D: We wouldn’t call it “cosplaying”, but it’s something we use to trick others sometimes! (Y’know, just for fun)

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I really have tried telling him, I’m just too nervous and I always mess up!


((we have a third mod now!! their name’s rei and i hope you guys welcome them in just fine <3 they’re very nervous, but i know that they’re going to be liked!!))

((mod3 has left the group due to stress, sorry everyone!))

((we’ll probably try and find another third member so we don’t overexert ourselves!))

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((giratina’s origin form!))

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